Heavenly Day - Patty Griffin

The song from Kelly and Brandon’s wedding video

I can’t wait to get a good look at her hair once Microsoft puts the meet and greets up

you know your misfit level is advanced when you add lover to Since U Been Gone



or now that that loser is gone at the end

but does anyone know the Meghan-Kelly connection though??

my guess is kelly probably digs her and just randomly had her people hit up megan’s people. since everyone loves kelly, she said yes

Hardcore promo for Wrapped in Red again!

Sarah Paulson has already won the Emmy for next year!

Done Deal

passionate4k asked:
is that last picture of WIR new?

I want to say last year — there’s no brown hair on the one side


@kelly_clarkson: River is visiting me on the set of my new music video shoot for Wrapped In Red! #babysfirstvideo http://t.co/Bg54jP6LAl

Hot mama!!