Everyone bow down to Queen Kelly
Anonymous asked:
What is your favorite Kelly Clarkson era

I would have to say Stronger era because she released a great album and everything started to come together for her personally too! :)

ohmykellyyy asked:
Do you think you could find an old picture that looks like how she did when you met her so we can imagine how she looks??? And what color was her hair?😃

Nothing is exactly the same as now, but  would say this is the closest. Her hair is still blonde.

Anonymous asked:
Aww! Did Kelly have River with her? You say she looks amazing. What era does she most resemble? Can you find a pic? <3

River was not with her :/   but yeah there were all those reports that she gained a crazy amount of weight… lies… she looks like how i would expect a woman to look after having a baby. When you look at pictures of her, people don’t realize how small of a person she actually is!

ohmykellyyy asked:
im so happy for you!! yassss :D did you ask anything about her album or any projects she's working on?? :D

Thanks!!! I did! She said the plans were for a Q4 2014/Q1 2015 release.